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The "PerlUnit" unit testing framework

If you don't know what a unit testing framework is or why you would want one, the links below will fill you in.

If you want a unit testing framework for perl, the details are in the project summary page (SSL). Here are some shortcuts to the important bits:


Or more honestly, questions I imagine may be asked.
Is this project dead?
The code can never die because it is available under the Artistic / GPL dual licence. SourceForge has shown good long-term reliability for keeping version control repositories intact and available.
So is the project alive?
Not very. It has been sleeping for a long time and currently has failing tests in the latest release.
Does anybody use it?
As recently as 2011, users have piped up to ask for help. Some of them have large codebases to maintain.
Is it on Github?
Yes. You are welcome to fork from mca-wtsi/perlunit but that is not the "official" repository.

Links related to PerlUnit aka. Test-Unit

Automated software testing is a large and growing area. These links may help you start your investigations.

Distribution, CPAN, other bug trackers

About unit testing

Other projects which support PerlUnit

Other projects for testing in Perl

These are the "standard" testing modules, There are more, ...many more.